1. BobbyStillz

    *FOUND* Buzz bike/Eliminator frame

    Hello Party People! I am looking for a Murray built Buzz Bike/Eliminator frame only. Need it structurally sound, cups/bearings are a bonus, but paint can be trashed as I am going bare metal. I already have a fork, seat and wheels in mind so all I need is the frame (I have the guard as well)...
  2. Flying Zombie

    Could be a ...?

    Hey Fellas! I made a pretty decent pick-up recently for a Zenith Badged Prewar, however WITH that one, came a pretty neat 20" 50's Schwinn wearing a Monark Deluxe guard a GEM of a Prewar 20" Skiptooth that I have almost absolute certainty is a Cleveland Welding, according to not only Daniel...
  3. David Sacks

    Electric 20" fat tire customization - in the works...

    [/URL] I am trying to customize this bike. The banana seat and sissy bar (with handlebar grip added) was just put on. Next I will replace the handlebars. Not sure if i should go with some small ape hangers or a wide BMX style handle bar. Any tips? thanks DS Long Island, NY
  4. Cruiserdude94

    Firestone Warrior

    Ended up getting this frame for free from my cousin. And decided it needed to be a muscle bike but one with my flare and newer style paint scheme but still keeping the old school chopper muscle look. Then after! Silver metallic and gloss black Mostly how she will stay. Im looking for a...
  5. Cruiserdude94

    20" Warrior??

    Would love some help IDing this bike. I have looked and looked and looked and cannot find anything about who produced this bike or what it should've looked like. Any info would be awesome! More pics to come soon