balloon tire

  1. Degoragon

    [Build idea] 1941 Hiawatha...... 10 Speed?

    As you know, I had managed to pull an old 1941 Hiawatha (Shelby Flying Cloud) bike out of the weeds in my own backyard. Well, I had been thinking some possible directions to go with it. One involved simply using 1960's schwinn pedal cranks and pieces to replace the rusted pieces. This got me...
  2. Scribble

    RRBBO13 Lucky 13 - She's Done

    Well here is my entry, 1938-41 Elgin Twin-Bar. I'll get some more detailed photos of my parts pile posted up soon. This is just going to be a classic Scribbles restomod, all I've done since getting it was collecting as many original parts I could get my hands on.
  3. bikesnbuses

    SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trade RARE 1935 Steelcraft Chevrolet Chief pedalcar for prewar boys bike etc

    Im putting this rare prewar pedalcar up for sale or trade.It is now complete with a reproduction headlight bezel(Original lens is just plastic). The reproduction bezel will need some trimming and work to look identical to the original in my opinion. It does have the original headlight battery...
  4. Dr Bike


    The the wifes awesome original and complete 47 Murray firestone Pilot. Great riding bike and its very smooth. its all there! and in good orig. condition! Horn works. lights do not. ASKING $299!
  5. Cruiserdude94

    4 Schwinns for a Smoking Deal!! Deluxe Typhoon, Lil Tiger, Super Deluxe Stingray and Ballooner!!

    I got all 4 of these in a package deal a few day ago!!! Came out of a garage attic out on a farm! All covered in farm fresh bird poop! 1949 Schwinn (with locking springer) 1966 Deluxe Typhoon Lil Tiger 1964 Super Deluxe Stingray!!!