banana seat

  1. Mini Banana bike

    Mini Banana bike

  2. Bike from the Dead

    Mini Mystery Muscle Bike

    When Dad bought a pedal car or something (I asked him, but he doesn’t remember) from one of Mom’s friends at her workplace several years ago, this bike was thrown in with it. It was the guy’s own bike he had as a child, but he had no use for it anymore. I hadn’t really paid the bike any mind...
  3. Bendejo420

    Stingray sissy bar shocks dimensions

    I'm building a 26inch "krate" bike, I got a tall sissy bar to put shocks on BUT the diameter of the tall sissy bar is about 5/8 compared to the 1/2 of the stingray shocks. Just wondering if anyone knows if it will work with minimal fab time.
  4. 54shadow

    Your help is needed ...

    I am working on a cruiser project and want to put ape hangers and a banana set on, where and which one is the best application to fit a 26" cruiser bike?
  5. David Sacks

    Electric 20" fat tire customization - in the works...

    [/URL] I am trying to customize this bike. The banana seat and sissy bar (with handlebar grip added) was just put on. Next I will replace the handlebars. Not sure if i should go with some small ape hangers or a wide BMX style handle bar. Any tips? thanks DS Long Island, NY
  6. FishMan316

    Old Skool Phat Bike Cruiser (Mongoose Brutus)

    I just finished the custom mods today on my Mongoose Brutus.