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  1. P

    Felt Cruisers Pintrest Gallery

    Hey Guys! I have noticed that there are over 100 models of Felt Cruisers out there and it's really difficult for first-time buyers to find them in one place and to pick out their favorite. So, I thought it would be really helpful to create a database/photo gallery (currently counts over 750 of...
  2. R

    Von Franco Taboo Tiki For Sale

    Selling my baby. All original and must be picked up in Santa Monica or shipping paid. Happy to answer any and all questions. I have been a Taboo Tiki collector since its debut and love to chat about this brilliant model! Lots of pics available
  3. Boss

    Emory Kalahari C4! It is finally here.

    I’ll let the picture speak for itself.
  4. 1964 Schwinn

    1964 Schwinn

    Helloh! Im Tracy. I love old ... beach cruisers. I live in the California high desert with no car. I ride my 1964 Schwinn 30 miles some days. I have to pedal down hill but i love my bike so much.
  5. Sound695

    Old girls beach cruiser

    Hi, beach cruiser girls bike. Old, Mfg. unknown, lots of pantena. $100
  6. 20180101_165119


  7. Loki182

    Recent Acquisition Old Beach Cruisers, Diamond Back and Peugeot

    I recently picked up these two beach cruisers that someone was pitching. One is a Diamond Back "Sand Streak" and the other one is a Peugeot "Pipeline" I honestly dont need both of them so I was thinking about fixing one of them up to keep for myself and letting the other go as-is... or just...
  8. franconuevo

    OP's Rollin'

    I picked this one up, oh I don't know, maybe a week and a half ago....Just started working on it today. Never really heard of this bike, Ocean Pacific sold at box stores a while back. Aluminum frame is nice and straight, huge tires are like brand new Eh....for $12.00 at Thrift...I threw it on...
  9. Shane Wood

    Von Franco Tiki Taboo

    Clean and original! 100% mint! Value?
  10. nosferatu1381

    Gulf trike

    Going a different direction with this again. Kate says I start a bicycle and hang it up for a year when I do not like it until I make up my mind what to do with it. I had some help grafting that rear end to the bike and I have just about cleaned up the mess. In short these bad decisions aren't...
  11. Cruiser747


    Is there a thread that's already been made for this bike/frame customized. I would like to see more bikes of this frame to get more ideas. If anyone has this bike please let me know how you like it. I am trying to make a decision If I should get this bike and adding couple small mods or get the...