1. Rat Rod


    I built this 70's Schwinn Cruiser up a few weeks ago. Scored the new set of blue anodized coaster wheels from someone online who had a spare set. They've got 12 gauge spokes and spin really nice. Wald 898 bars with AME Unitron grips and a Mongoose Gold stem. Running a Person's springer saddle...
  2. scorpius


    For Sale are 4 BMX muscle bikes The Bikes are a Mongoose , Chaos , Magna , and another bike All are in good shape and I would like to sell all 4 bikes as a lot $175 for all 4 bikes pick up would be in NY or possibly swap for interesting 26" balloon project
  3. rev106

    Fire Road Cruise

    Sep 5th. Bike show at 9am, we ride at 10am. Bike show: enter at 8am one bike per person. People's vote at 9am. BMX cruiser ride where we cross some fire roads, yes your bike will get dirty! Stop once for water/toilet use/gather stragglers. Fun pace, but long. If you can't ride 25-35 miles then...
  4. G

    First BMX styled Cruiser build (questions)

    Hello everyone. I'm gonna build my first BMX styled cruiser based on Schwinn's Heavy Duty frame. I don't have real experience yet and my knowledges are superficial. But since I don't live in United States, I need to minimize the risk of buying the wrong parts and accessories in US shops. The...
  5. macncheese

    1986 Ross Piranha Survivor

  6. Zumo

    1982 Mongoose Resto

    Just wanted to share my 82 Mongoose project. My aunt found this at an old house she bought to flip. Here is what I started with. I pretty much kept all the original parts that were on the bike when I got it. The cranks were bent so I had to find replacements. The stem also appears to be a...