1. PublicNuisance

    Mint Julep

    Hey guys.... after dropping off the face of the earth for a while (work and family life has been keeping me VERY VERY busy), I'm back for the Build-Off. This year, I'll be building a 1933 Colson rear steer tandem. "Mint Julep" will continue the bourbon-inspired bike builds and follow in the...
  2. kirkpatrick

    SOLD 1940 Colson snap-tank project

    1940 Colson snap-tank project. Covered in white and maroon house paint when I got it, started stripping the old paint off one piece at a time. Just started on the frame and it was giving me fits. May not be able to save much yellow. I do not have the patience or will to finish. Also, might have...
  3. kirkpatrick

    SOLD Stuff for sale

    Combining some older sale threads that were half sold, half not. Shipping included in price. PayPal only, shipped from Louisiana. Need room and moolah, make offers. SOLD...Rollfast project. Robbed stem and bars for another project. No chain, seat, tires or pedals. Everything shown. Clean badge...
  4. PublicNuisance

    Interesting..... odd Colson head badge?

    SO this is the Colson badge that was on our '33 rear-steer tandem. I took a look on the internet and couldn't find a badge like it. Has anyone seen one of these Colson head badges before?
  5. scorpius


    For sale are 2 Schwinn Head Badges in nice condition First is an old Schwinn Spitfire Badge from the 1940s with the airplane spinning propeller design The second is a Schwinn Spitfire badge with the name spelled out that is from the 1950s would sell or trade either early one is 85 , later one...
  6. scorpius


    First seat is a vintage Troxel made seat , the metal is good but the top is nice and crusty The second seat is a Schwinn wide and large seat w/ Schwinn badge on the rear , this is a larger seat appx the size of a motorcycle saddle so must be very comfortable great for a bike , beach cruiser or...
  7. XC204

    Colson Loop Tail Flat Tracker?

    I ended up doing a Shelby for the charity auction so just been riding this as is pretty much. Going for a flat dirt track moto look. Got the parts and have stripped the frame and welded on coaster brake bracket.