cruiser build

  1. R

    Von Franco Taboo Tiki For Sale

    Selling my baby. All original and must be picked up in Santa Monica or shipping paid. Happy to answer any and all questions. I have been a Taboo Tiki collector since its debut and love to chat about this brilliant model! Lots of pics available
  2. SlyKuza-Customz

    Sly's B.T.R build (motorized)

    so for the longest time since my last motorized bike was stolen from me ive wanted to build another....... that time has finally come!!! :) ^^^^^ this was my first cruiser build i was still learning :) but sadly she was taken from my garage one night. 4 or so years go by and bam i finaly...
  3. Shane Wood

    Dyno GT MotoGlide

    Looking to re-home my MINT Dyno MotoGlide! This thing is perfect and is ready to ride! $400 obo , located in SLC, UT
  4. G

    First BMX styled Cruiser build (questions)

    Hello everyone. I'm gonna build my first BMX styled cruiser based on Schwinn's Heavy Duty frame. I don't have real experience yet and my knowledges are superficial. But since I don't live in United States, I need to minimize the risk of buying the wrong parts and accessories in US shops. The...
  5. rack it

    rack it