1. Zombie Punk

    Returning former member

    Hi everyone i was member for a few years when back when this was a new website . I was on here as zombie king back then . I have been building and modifying custom bikes for 33 years since i was 10 years old really glad to be back on here looking forward to seeing the builds and...
  2. BobbyStillz

    1948 Roadmaster Custom

  3. BobbyStillz

    1945 Westfield custom, custom...

    So I started going through this Westfield frame I got from Jeffry Olsen. This is so bad ...! So it's a wartime frame (1945) and the crank assembly is mostly blackout parts (though the original owner tried to buff out the black). What is super cool, is the hot rod paint job done in, what looks...
  4. Donniebikes55

    Bare Naked Cruisers

    I just started posting to Rat Rod Bikes for the last Build-Off RRB build off#13. These are some previous builds I wanted to share with the Rat Rod community. All of them are bare metal frames with a clear coat finish. It took quite a bit of sanding and polishing to get these beauties to their...
  5. Gerardo Tovar

    making a fiberglass tank

    tank for my custom boardtrack bicycle I made the pieces with foam, then I covered it with white glue so that the gelcoat did not deform the foam.
  6. The Black Monark

    SOLD Balloon and Teens-Style Custom Leather Splash Guard Mudflap

    Patterned from original 1910's and 1950's flaps, made from premium USA-made leather. Teens: approximately 9.75” x 5”, just over 1/8” thick. Flesh side finished smooth and sealed. Edges hand beveled, burnished, and polished. Teens style stamped with Pierce, Ranger, or Iver Johnson, or no stamp...
  7. josh_from_ga

    Custom Chainmail Tassels: DELUXE Version Now Available

    Hey everyone, I recently made a set of chainmail grips for my wife's bike and posted pics on the RRB Facebook page.They generated quite a buzz, and a few people messaged me about buying a pair. The cost of materials is a bit high, so I cant make them unless I get at least 5 sets requested...
  8. Rat Rod


    Selling my custom built October 1979 Schwinn Cruiser. I had the frame and fork powder coated candy apple blue and applied a set of vinyl reproduction decals. The wheel set was professionally built using new Sturmey Archer internally geared 3 speed freewheel drum brake hubs, vintage chrome...
  9. StoneWoods

    ~Excelsior MOTOBIKE~

    Greetings and salutations from the CABE. This is my first post on RRB and have been looking forward to the WBO for about a year now. My whole project started when I bought a 1948 Schwinn DX with a Chinese motor. The motor didn't have enough power for what I wanted to do, so I set out on a...
  10. David Cooksey

    Peugeot rebuild / custom

    Hi Thanks for looking :) After finishing my last custom bicycles this summer I have decided to be slightly less adventurous with the next one! I started looking for a suitable bike a couple of months ago. I found the perfect one in my town. A Peugeot road bike The plans are to strip it...
  11. Karl von Köln

    '48 Higgins, modified w/2-stroke:

    My daughter helped with the videography. She did pretty well for her first time.
  12. Karl von Köln

    New here, from Indianapolis:

    I'm a Clevelander who ended up in Indy, and I just love bikes. And antique stuff. And, therefor, old bikes in particular. I have a wife and four daughters who all have bikes, and I help out the neighborhood kids with fixes on their bikes, so I'm around bikes all the time. Bicycles, as a form...
  13. David Sacks

    Electric 20" fat tire customization - in the works...

    [/URL] I am trying to customize this bike. The banana seat and sissy bar (with handlebar grip added) was just put on. Next I will replace the handlebars. Not sure if i should go with some small ape hangers or a wide BMX style handle bar. Any tips? thanks DS Long Island, NY
  14. FishMan316

    Old Skool Phat Bike Cruiser (Mongoose Brutus)

    I just finished the custom mods today on my Mongoose Brutus.
  15. A

    Electra Straight 8 custom FAAAT!

    That awkward feeling when you do not wait for Electra Fatbike and made it myself...:happy: What do you think of my Electra in a military style? Straight 8, 100mm rims, 4 1/4 tire, 3-speed Sturmey Archer Cruiser Hub SX-RB3, front disk brake, gold chain, custom handmade grips (KPV maсhinegun...
  16. 10mando


    Cruise your city right with this one of a kind LED bike light. The EL PATO BIKE LIGHT is custom made from upcycled tin cans. Perfect for any bicycle. Handmade with pride & individually numbered. 100% Original. Each light comes with a bracket & wing-nuts for easy assembly. One size. 9V battery...
  17. Cruiser747


    Is there a thread that's already been made for this bike/frame customized. I would like to see more bikes of this frame to get more ideas. If anyone has this bike please let me know how you like it. I am trying to make a decision If I should get this bike and adding couple small mods or get the...