cycle truck

  1. BackWoodCycle

    Needle in a Haystack... Prewar Schwinn Cycle Truck Basket

    Like the title says lol. Been looking for one for years with no luck. I'm looking for a prewar basket, the type that wraps around the stem. Condition doesn't have to be pretty as the bike is pretty ratty. I've got cash or trade. Just looking for a lead. Thanks!

    Schwinn Cycle Truck badge

    I'm in need of a 1953 Schwinn Cycle Truck badge doesn't need to be in perfect shape due to the bike not being so. If you have anything please message me, sorry I don't have a picture .Thank you in advance for your help, Sean
  3. Rat Rod


    I recently purchased a parts lot locally and in that group of parts there was a 1956 Schwinn Cycle Truck frame and fork. Actually, not sure if this is a 1956 fork, but what the heck. Initially I had thought about selling it off and then a friend of mine here in town mentioned that he had a...
  4. Krateness

    Cycle Truck Build - WHEELS?!?

    Hey everyone, Havent posted in awhile but have ran into a bit of a problem and hoping some can point me in the right direction. I'm doing a build on a 1937 Cleveland Welding Cycle Truck. I'm doing it as a Mobil Oil "Gargoyle" themed bike. However, I wanted to use some red anodized wheels...
  5. josh_from_ga

    A few more smalls

    Hey everyone, here's a few more things I changed my mind about keeping. A 41 Schwinn Cycle Truck fork. Paint's rough, but the fork is in good shape. Sold NOS Bendix 19 cog set, contains 19t cog, axle nuts and washers, and brake arm strap with nut and bolt. SOLD NOS Wald flashlight holder. SOLD...
  6. josh_from_ga

    Cycle Truck part-out.

    I'm parting out a pair of Schwinn Cycle Trucks. 1961 and 1949. The '61 fenders and dropstand are already sold. Still up for grabs on this one are the seat ($40), wheelset($150), stem($20), handlebar with grips($20), and basket with the brackets($65) This one I'm willing to sell as a whole or...
  7. 18622hunter


    Hello everyone, I am clearing out the garage and selling off a majority of frames, fenders, cranks, kickstands, handle bars, hubs, seat clamps, seat pans, chainrings, pedals, repop horns, repop lights, etc. Most of the stuff is Schwinn prewar and post war era parts, but some could be used for...