1. ChiknCoop

    First time ever building a bike, completely new to the whole thing, advice and help welcome. Huffy Dragster

    So yeah, just like the title says, first time ever. Gonna build a bike. Bow chica bow bow... I guess I'm what they call a noob to the vintage bike scene though. So i'll tell you how I ended up here. My brother and I were at an estate sale, looking for some blacksmith tooling, machinist tooling...
  2. Old Scool

    Huffy frame Tube Caps: Rail, Wheel, Slingshot, Dragster,etc. 5 sets available

    The frame caps are meant to give you a permanent replacement for the original chrome plated plastic tube frame caps that came stock on the 1960's 1970's Huffy bikes. The original plastic tube frame caps are usually broken, missing, or become dull in appearance and tend to crack and allow the...
  3. RFBikes

    RRBBO13 Road to Drag

    Starting with this Dyno Roadster which i bought new in March of 1999, was thinking of selling it, but decided to make it into something really cool. Just got tired of looking at it hanging in my garage.
  4. GuitarlCarl

    Westfield Wasteland

    I started with a 44' Westfield/Columbia built carcass. Trying to make my version of a wasteland crossing courier/dragster a reality. I tried to save the old patina while cleaning it up I tried a few different looks along the way. The build thread was fun, you can see it HERE. I also tried a...