1. bikesnbuses

    SOLD Sweet original plating / finish 26" wheel prewar rear drop stand dropstand

    I bought this for my original paint Elgin Miss America for a condition upgrade but it is not correct for it and I dont need it for another bicycle Asking $87 shipped in the USA obo

    Davis motobike dropstand and clip

    I'm looking for a Davis motobike dropstand and clip for a 1923 Davis bicycle. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance. Sean
  3. kirkpatrick

    SOLD Stand and Flap

    Couple things for sale. Prices include shipping from La. 70525. PayPal only please. SOLD...Jeweled mudflap, had it a little while, hadn't used it yet, time to move it along. Don't have an appropriate project for it. 35$ SOLD...Drop stand. Appears to be newer, maybe homemade? I don't know...