1. bikesnbuses

    SOLD Sweet original plating / finish 26" wheel prewar rear drop stand dropstand

    I bought this for my original paint Elgin Miss America for a condition upgrade but it is not correct for it and I dont need it for another bicycle Asking $87 shipped in the USA obo
  2. Flying Zombie

    SOLD '39 Elgin Twin Bar

    https://thecabe.com/forum/threads/39-elgin-twin-bar.155277/ Normally I post a full fledged ad here specifically, but I'm on time crunches and minutes count right now. It's on the Cabe and explained piece by piece with FULL pictorial in vast detail. Any questions, interest.. comments.. feel...
  3. Flying Zombie

    Re re reintroduction

    Flying Zombie (FZ) is back! Hello seasoned vets and newcomers alike! Some of you, many of you here in the forums are old friends and the lot of you rookies will likely carry that same trait for me and one another over time. I've been in the hobby about five or six years now, owning everything...
  4. Scribble

    RRBBO13 Lucky 13 - She's Done

    Well here is my entry, 1938-41 Elgin Twin-Bar. I'll get some more detailed photos of my parts pile posted up soon. This is just going to be a classic Scribbles restomod, all I've done since getting it was collecting as many original parts I could get my hands on.
  5. bikesnbuses

    SOLD Nice aluminum prewar art deco Torringon stem

    Uncleaned/unpolished original Torrington stem for your prewar Elgin bike.Slight scratch/gouge on the underside where it rubbed against the headset. Asking $75 shipped in the USA obo. Or possible trade for parts I need...
  6. A

    WANTED: Elgin / Murray / Derby / Mercury Truss Rods (Any Condition)

    Looking for truss rods for a late 1930's to early 1940's 26" Murray / Elgin / Derby / Mercury. Any condition. See below for reference image. Thanks!
  7. A

    Derby Head Badge (Murray-Ohio Brand)

    Need a head badge for a late 1930's to early 1940's Derby. This was a Murray made brand sold exclusively through Pep Boys. Badge features horse and rider over script. Thanks.
  8. B

    Elgin? JC Higgins? Bicycle Identification Help

    I just picked up this sweet find and it rides quite nice, but would appreciate any help identifying what year this bike is, if it's pre-war or post war? It was listed as a 1957 JC Higgins, but I knew it must be earlier to the shape of the frame, but (being new at trying to figure out which is...