1. P

    Felt Cruisers Pintrest Gallery

    Hey Guys! I have noticed that there are over 100 models of Felt Cruisers out there and it's really difficult for first-time buyers to find them in one place and to pick out their favorite. So, I thought it would be really helpful to create a database/photo gallery (currently counts over 750 of...
  2. gigmata

    I Felt It Was Time

    I have been unemployed for two months and am just getting started on these three Felts and a Manhattan Flyer.
  3. BartRidesEternal

    Barts "Eternal" Builds: page 2, fun junk klunker build!

    A while ago I promised some pictures of my builds. There was not much time to post new pictures lately (a new familymember is coming :) ). And a lot of picture hosting sites are not free anymore, or only temporarily. I always have some bicycles to build and create, so I thought: Let's just...
  4. A

    Girvin Suspension Forks 1" Tube

    Selling off a project's parts. No time and I am changing jobs and moving soon. Have a used Girvin set up with spring. A bit dirty, I was going to pull them apart and refinish to match my frame a la Gig Mata. Would rather support this community than list it on eBay so here we go. HMU with...
  5. C

    SOLD 2010 Felt Fat Tire Bike "New in Box" Dallas/Fort Worth

    Been Holding on to this one for a while, but I think I would like to pass it on to someone that collects these or someone else to enjoy riding it. It's brand new, box has never been open. Has been sitting in a spare bedroom for a few years. Would like to get $600 obo I may also consider...
  6. A

    Shimamo deep dish cog for Felt 24"x3" wheel Question

    I have Felt bike with the wide 24"x 3 tires, the rear sprocket broke. I wondered if the deep dish on that is the same as those seen on ebay? I will give the original one a smash and weld in the meantime, just checking for options. The original one on the bike was a 21T, it looks like 22T and...
  7. K

    Felt cruisers

    WANTED: I collect mostly Felt cruisers and am searching for Red Barons, MPs,...unique models. I already have a lot of the New Belgium collection (2009-2016), Antique Archeology (2016), Speedway2 (2016), Deep6 (2015), Hot Wheels (2007), 1909 (2015). I also like Electra cruisers. I'm searching...
  8. D

    Hi from the Netherlands!

    Hi and thanks for the add. Recently bought a used Felt Cafe 750. Lovely bike, decent frame, nice quality build... Now to get it modded out a little... Hope to find some inspiration and information on here.
  9. Cruiser747


    Is there a thread that's already been made for this bike/frame customized. I would like to see more bikes of this frame to get more ideas. If anyone has this bike please let me know how you like it. I am trying to make a decision If I should get this bike and adding couple small mods or get the...