girls bike

  1. Greg Tratchel

    Girls western flyer

    Not sure on the year, the seat is a little torn but everything else is good! Asking $100 obo, buyer responsible for shipping or pick up. Located in the valley junction area of West Des moines, Iowa.
  2. Sound695

    Old girls beach cruiser

    Hi, beach cruiser girls bike. Old, Mfg. unknown, lots of pantena. $100
  3. SSG

    RRBBO13 Pastiche (Painted, Sneak Peek)

    I'm going for a classic cruiser style build and I'll be using this huffy as a donor. I'm thinking about something like this.
  4. horsefarmer

    1980's sears free spirit ladies lightweight.

    Picked this don't know much about it, seems like nicer components than most dept. store bikes.
  5. Dr Bike


    The the wifes awesome original and complete 47 Murray firestone Pilot. Great riding bike and its very smooth. its all there! and in good orig. condition! Horn works. lights do not. ASKING $299!
  6. Cruiserdude94

    Schwinn Lil Chik for a present!

    I was lucky enough to be handed this Schwinn lil Chik and decided to make it a surprise gift for my 6 year old cousin! It is super clean and now even cleaner and ready for her to rip around on it! Had to dress it up with some girly stuff for her though haha! I like it without the stuff but...
  7. TRM Tanks!

    TRM Tanks!

    New TRM Convertible Tanks rolling off the assembly line!