jc higgins

  1. Steveo99

    Hand Crafted Hub Shiners

    Jeweled Bicycle Hub Shiners. I can customize in Black Genuine Leather or Natural Genuine Leather. This purchase includes 1 Handed Crafted Front and 1 Hand Crafted Rear Hub Shiner. Right now you can choose the jewel to be red, blue, or light teal. Each jewel is made of a high quality hard...
  2. Sarah Luv

    Excited to rekindle my passion for peddle power

    Working on a project bike to pass the covid blues. My first bike was a 1950's Schwinn. In an effort to be cool I stripped it down to bare bones. Finding the box of parts a few months ago I wondered why I took all the cool stuff off the bike. I have recently purchased a daily rider, it is a jc...
  3. C

    Vintage JC Higgins Cruiser (1950s?)

    Hey everyone!! I came across this awesome bike that was going to be sent off to the scrap metal yard. I'm having a difficult time findings information about the bike. I'll attach some pictures, which include the vin. With pricing, my plan is to strip it down and restore it to make it look...
  4. Flying Zombie

    A few Classic Ladies

    1950 JC Higgins Airflow SOLD 1948 Hawthorne DeLuxe $300 obo 1953 Schwinn Hornet SOLD All skiptooth Prefer not to ship but may under the right circumstances. Willing to drive within reason or meet half way. I'm in Green Bay, WI
  5. CannonCam

    1948 JC Higgins Flow

    The bike that has lived multiple lives! 1948 JC Higgins something-or-another flow. Passed on to me by a mentor of mine before he passed. This bike has quite the story, it's been stolen (and returned/sold back by an un-assuming owner 10+ years later to the only bike shop in town that my mentors...
  6. CannonCam

    WTB: Colorflow tank/tank that will fit colorflow

    I have a mid-50's Colorflow rat rod. Looking for a tank that will fit it. Doesn't have to be original.
  7. Karl von Köln

    '48 Higgins, modified w/2-stroke:

    My daughter helped with the videography. She did pretty well for her first time.
  8. Karl von Köln

    New here, from Indianapolis:

    I'm a Clevelander who ended up in Indy, and I just love bikes. And antique stuff. And, therefor, old bikes in particular. I have a wife and four daughters who all have bikes, and I help out the neighborhood kids with fixes on their bikes, so I'm around bikes all the time. Bicycles, as a form...
  9. Hitman44

    JC Higgins?

    I really like puzzles but this bike is driving me to the nut house. I have not been able to find another one like it. It looks mostly like an old spaceliner. With that Crome piece coming off the the front as a wheel support it sure could be. There is also a tag for a tanker that was likely on...
  10. dnorton1336

    JC Higgins?

    Can anybody out there tell me anything about this one?
  11. B

    Elgin? JC Higgins? Bicycle Identification Help

    I just picked up this sweet find and it rides quite nice, but would appreciate any help identifying what year this bike is, if it's pre-war or post war? It was listed as a 1957 JC Higgins, but I knew it must be earlier to the shape of the frame, but (being new at trying to figure out which is...
  12. krazykort

    Long time lurker... Time to post

    Well I've been a long time lurker here in the forums and never really had time to post any of my builds... these are from a while back when I first joined and had all the intentions of being active here... I'm a Motion Graphics Artist/Art Director from Chicago, Spend most my free time on a...
  13. I

    JC Higgins JetFlow

    Just was cleaning out my wifes grandfathers back yard and found this gem ;) I need some pedals, a chain, rear reflectors, grips, seat, and tank but i love it as-is.... If you have some crusty parts to match that I need PM me.