1. rev106

    Genuine Bicycle Products Article 2 Klunker build

    Our last A2 in stock, my friend wanted the bike with gears for the hilly terrain in his town. We start with a frame and Red Menace fork installed. There will be some tweaks to make it work as a klunker type bike as it currently has 110mm rear spacing.
  2. rev106

    Coaster Brake Challenge 23

  3. BartRidesEternal

    Barts "Eternal" Builds: page 2, fun junk klunker build!

    A while ago I promised some pictures of my builds. There was not much time to post new pictures lately (a new familymember is coming :) ). And a lot of picture hosting sites are not free anymore, or only temporarily. I always have some bicycles to build and create, so I thought: Let's just...
  4. BartRidesEternal

    Hi RRB community. Introduction + photo's

    Hi all! My name is Bart, from "Twente" the Netherlands. I am reading and seeing all kinds of good stuff on this forum for a couple of years and I like the style of bicycles I see here. Now I wanted to share some builds with you guys on this forum. Thats me on my Klunker bike during a 50km...
  5. Hsean

    Columbia Rambler 26' Rebuild

    I bought one of these from Walmart because I liked the frame design, gotta love them double top bar frames. also had disc tabs. Since its gonna be a ongoing build and changes why not make a build thingie here. This is the bike as its sold. http://prntscr.com/ouab4m...
  6. Hsean

    Start of a Klunker from a Klunker

    I was at the local Walmart and oddly days before I was saying I wanted a Klunker. Well Walmart had these. A Columbia Rambler 26' wheels. even disk brake tabs on frame. and double top bar and 3 piece crankset. some of the things I wanted. wanted the threadless stem to but ill settle for...
  7. Schadallac

    '38 Schwinn Motorbike Klunker - Sealed Bottom Bracket Question

    First post here! Disclaimer - I did try to search first to get an answer to this question. I recently completed a Klunker build and had a local bike shop help me with the bottom bracket purchase and assembly. My issue is I don't think they did it correctly. The bottom bracket was shimmed and...
  8. Ethan

    Rollin' Scrap....

    I recently acquired an older cantilever frame. No brand, no markings, there may be a serial number stamped in the bottom of the frame....or it may be my imagination. It does have a couple issues, the worst of which is the dropouts, 1 side in particular is a wreck. This is the frame as I got it...
  9. rev106

    Coaster Brake Challenge 21

    Coaster Brake Challenge 21 by Paul de Valera, on Flickr Coaster Brake Challenge is a mtb off road rally series where you can ride a bike armed only with a coaster brake. No gears, multi-speed internal hubs or additional hand or other kinds of brakes allowed. This event has been going on for...
  10. S

    1950s Schwinn Dx

    Pretty cool 1951 Boys 26” Schwinn! Original paint and painted Schwinn rims. Bendix hub out back and Schwinn stamped hub up front. She rides as she sits, kinda turn key! Missing chainguard, head badge, different size tires (2.125/1.75), wrong Schwinn seat and needs grips. Could make a cool...
  11. Nickoo

    1980 Varsity Klunk

    Hello Rat Rodders. Figured I’d intro with my first klunkerish cruiser build. I’ve been restoring older bikes (mainly Japanese heyday road bikes and 90s Taiwanese MTBs) for years—as a hobby and as a little side income. This summer, however, I got bit by the even-older American bug, I guess you...
  12. rev106

    Double Trouble Fire Road Cruiser

    Double Trouble Fireroad Cruiser by Paul de Valera, on Flickr Double Trouble Fireroad Cruiser by Paul de Valera, on Flickr Double Trouble Fireroad Cruiser by Paul de Valera, on Flickr Double Trouble Fireroad Cruiser by Paul de Valera, on Flickr Double Trouble Fireroad Cruiser by Paul de...
  13. Critter1

    Schwinn Model B or C frame; prewar

    Looking for another prewar Schwinn B or C model, frame only, with the straight down tube. Same as my Critter build; which was a 1936 B-model.
  14. Loki182

    Winter Worksman Klunker Project

    Let me preface this build by saying up front when it comes to klunkers, and Worksman bikes, I have no idea what I'm doing. I have built a bunch of bikes and other weird stuff in the past but I have never built a proper rat rod bike before so this is going to be my first venture into building...
  15. K

    Sears Ladies Klunker

    WOW.. this bike is complete. Just as you see it. Has an elctronic "Command Center" with a horn switch and a light switch. Seat is metalflake silver and in very good condition. I even have the original owners manual, wrench and assembly guide. $300 plus shipping via BikeFlights to your zip...
  16. DeuceWheeler

    Trek Calypso Cruiser

    I just picked this up for $12 at an auction. The frame seems like a good candidate for a 26'' cruiser BMX.
  17. Schwinn Boys

    What's up, from the SF Bay Area

    My 1965 Schwinn Typhoon with S&M Pitchfork, Shredneck Stem, Grand Slam Bars, Chris King Headset, 80s Redline chainwheel, geno bmx wheelset hella fun in the streets, the hills, or the bmx track
  18. Rat Rod


    Stumbled across this new Klunker from Volume today...looks pretty cool. http://volumebikes.com/product/2018-sledgehammer-26/
  19. Robertk

    SOLD 1939 Autocycle Frame w/ Lincoln Badge

    Stand out from the crowd with this rare 26" 1939 Schwinn Autocyle frame. Brass Lincoln Badge. It's a bit dirty, but pictures below show the detail. Shipping to lower 48. Location: North Carolina Price: $275 + shipping
  20. Robertk

    Schwinn Script Cantilever Bolt On Front Brakes

    Here is a set of Schwinn Script Cantilever Bolt On Front Brakes for sale. These are a classic Klunker piece that add that genuine look and functionality to your off road build. These don't come up for sale too often, so now's your chance. These have been sitting in storage for a couple of years...