1. Kevin Burns

    Thun BMX Crank 165mm

    For those who don't know BMX THUN is one of the strongest one pc cranks ever manufactured. They weigh in at 2pounds and 2oz. They hold the true claim of being unbendable. They are unbendable, unless run over by a bus or something. Here is a old school Thun Crank for offering. 50.00 plus actual...
  2. aka_locojoe

    20 Inch Fatbike Upsized

    Converting the Grandson's Mongoose Massif fatbike that he's outgrown to something we both can ride.
  3. FishMan316

    Brutty And The Beast

    My Mongoose Brutus & Beast Mods.
  4. horsefarmer

    Mongoose Deception or Stat 29er

    OK - this is different. A Mongoose Deception or Stat 29er, I think. Police auction special, unknown history, other than stolen and beat. I got to the auction with 45 min to size up about 380 bikes so about 6 seconds per bike. This bike spray painted flat black and covered in tiny Marvel...
  5. Zumo

    1982 Mongoose Resto

    Just wanted to share my 82 Mongoose project. My aunt found this at an old house she bought to flip. Here is what I started with. I pretty much kept all the original parts that were on the bike when I got it. The cranks were bent so I had to find replacements. The stem also appears to be a...