1. SSG


    Before: Finished: This is a ladies Huffy mountain bike turned fixed gear 700c Motobike. Build thread:
  2. Kevin Burns

    1975 Fox Corperation Montgomery Ward's Silver Fox OG

    Here is a rare all original 1976 Garton Fox "Fox Chopper in rider condition with original paint. The 2nd generation of BMX after the Schwinn Sting Rays, the spring/shock BMX era.
  3. StoneWoods

    ~Excelsior MOTOBIKE~

    Greetings and salutations from the CABE. This is my first post on RRB and have been looking forward to the WBO for about a year now. My whole project started when I bought a 1948 Schwinn DX with a Chinese motor. The motor didn't have enough power for what I wanted to do, so I set out on a...
  4. Karl von Köln

    '48 Higgins, modified w/2-stroke:

    My daughter helped with the videography. She did pretty well for her first time.
  5. Karl von Köln

    New here, from Indianapolis:

    I'm a Clevelander who ended up in Indy, and I just love bikes. And antique stuff. And, therefor, old bikes in particular. I have a wife and four daughters who all have bikes, and I help out the neighborhood kids with fixes on their bikes, so I'm around bikes all the time. Bicycles, as a form...
  6. SSG

    That Old Wheel.

    "That Old Wheel" is sort of an anti-build. It cost nothing to build, doesn't use any fancy parts, and is supposed to look like it came this way. You can see poor excuse of a build thread here .