motorized bicycle

  1. bebopblu

    Motorized Worksman (pickup only) LI,NY

    Motorized Worksman bike (Made in USA) with heavy duty Worksman front wheel and drum brake. Big spring Brooks saddle and a custom leather wrapped gas tank from a RRB member. Bike runs good but keep in mind that these bikes require regular maintenance and tinkering. Email me with any questions...
  2. AlfredJ

    The Hott-Seat... Motorized Muscle

    I've recently joined the forum and want to show the progress on the bike I'm building. It's got 20" wheels, chrome fame, springer forks, and an 80cc motor kit from Amazon. I live in Denver and work with my dad in our bumper repair business, one big perk of the job is plenty of leftover...
  3. AlfredJ

    Mile-High Hello!

    Hey! I'm Alfred J from Denver! I found this forum last week while cruising Instagram. It seems like a really cool community and the build-off competitions look really fun! I am currently working on a 20" chromed-out muscle bike with a motor kit. It's been a father-son project that I have been...
  4. StoneWoods

    ~Excelsior MOTOBIKE~

    Greetings and salutations from the CABE. This is my first post on RRB and have been looking forward to the WBO for about a year now. My whole project started when I bought a 1948 Schwinn DX with a Chinese motor. The motor didn't have enough power for what I wanted to do, so I set out on a...
  5. Karl von Köln

    '48 Higgins, modified w/2-stroke:

    My daughter helped with the videography. She did pretty well for her first time.
  6. Karl von Köln

    New here, from Indianapolis:

    I'm a Clevelander who ended up in Indy, and I just love bikes. And antique stuff. And, therefor, old bikes in particular. I have a wife and four daughters who all have bikes, and I help out the neighborhood kids with fixes on their bikes, so I'm around bikes all the time. Bicycles, as a form...
  7. K

    CWC 36 BTR

    So this was my attempt at number 10 however I was late and just didn't want to feel pressured. I got the frame believed to be a 36 CWC Hawthorne for a fair price already powdercoat in a great shade of burnt autumn red and picked up cheap Springer front and 80cc motor. I fabbed everything else...