mountain bike

  1. JaxRhapsody

    What can any of you tell me about a Huffy Koza?

    I picked up this bike to build for my girlfriend and at first it looked like your average 90s walmart bike; ashtabula crank, heavy steel frame, sidepulls, but on further inspection once in the apartment, it has things I don't often see on those old bikes; a 3/7 drivetrain, trigger shifters, and...
  2. horsefarmer

    RRBBO13 Big Boy BMX (Done !)

    This is a 1980's Huffy 26" 10 speed Mountain bike of some kind. Abandoned or stolen and bought cheap at Police auction. Unknown history includes duct tape looped around rear tire, loose "dork disc" and rear spokes not broken but bent and loose (maybe stretched) both rims seem to run true...
  3. Loki182

    Winter Worksman Klunker Project

    Let me preface this build by saying up front when it comes to klunkers, and Worksman bikes, I have no idea what I'm doing. I have built a bunch of bikes and other weird stuff in the past but I have never built a proper rat rod bike before so this is going to be my first venture into building...
  4. Critter1

    ~ CRITTER ~ 1936 Schwinn Klunker

    Been a while since I've had a build thread so I figured, since I picked up this awesome 36' B-model straight bar, straight down tube Schwinn, I'd go ahead and document it. Been wanting to do a Klunker style build for a while now. So here goes.... This frame was an eBay score and you always take...
  5. OCD


    Hi all! Been busy with other things lately but Don from Sunahme Bikes in Ladysmith invited me out for a group ride and loaned one of his super high powered electric mtb. I was hooked. That meant another bike build was needed, a mountain bike is one thing I've never tried to build before. I used...
  6. Rat Rod

    Owner of First Flight Bicycles killed in Mooresville accident

    Not sure if any of you knew Jeff Archer, but I know that I've visited First Flight's website a few times over the years....especially when looking at vintage mountain bike photos.
  7. OCD

    GIANT E-bike!

    As I'm importing e-bike parts for resale, a bike that most people can relate to seems appropriate as a test/shop bike. I'm starting with a Giant hard tail frame I wasn't otherwise using, adding a QS 28H, 3000 watt Greentime controller and a 48 volt 30 amp/hr high output pack made from 18650...
  8. horsefarmer

    Mongoose Deception or Stat 29er

    OK - this is different. A Mongoose Deception or Stat 29er, I think. Police auction special, unknown history, other than stolen and beat. I got to the auction with 45 min to size up about 380 bikes so about 6 seconds per bike. This bike spray painted flat black and covered in tiny Marvel...
  9. horsefarmer

    Ross Central Park

    Here is a Ross Central Park. Thinking mid 80's vintage. Rides perfect picked up at Police Bike Auction for cheap. History is unknown but bike seems to of had little use over the years. Gumwall tires peeling badly,so even if tires have a lot of tread they are rotten and have to be replaced...