1. Bike from the Dead

    Mini Mystery Muscle Bike

    When Dad bought a pedal car or something (I asked him, but he doesn’t remember) from one of Mom’s friends at her workplace several years ago, this bike was thrown in with it. It was the guy’s own bike he had as a child, but he had no use for it anymore. I hadn’t really paid the bike any mind...
  2. Flying Zombie

    '69 Sears [And Roebucks] Spyder 24" 5-Speed

    I posted some about this on Facebook already but I always love posting the newbies to my stock in here,. especially beings I just made a comeback after nearly a year out of the game to get some other corners of life put together. Not a bad way to pick back up, if I do say so myself. [Though I...
  3. Cruiserdude94

    Firestone Warrior

    Ended up getting this frame for free from my cousin. And decided it needed to be a muscle bike but one with my flare and newer style paint scheme but still keeping the old school chopper muscle look. Then after! Silver metallic and gloss black Mostly how she will stay. Im looking for a...
  4. scorpius


    For Sale are 4 BMX muscle bikes The Bikes are a Mongoose , Chaos , Magna , and another bike All are in good shape and I would like to sell all 4 bikes as a lot $175 for all 4 bikes pick up would be in NY or possibly swap for interesting 26" balloon project
  5. FishMan316

    Old Skool Phat Bike Cruiser (Mongoose Brutus)

    I just finished the custom mods today on my Mongoose Brutus.