1. D

    Hi from the Netherlands!

    Hi and thanks for the add. Recently bought a used Felt Cafe 750. Lovely bike, decent frame, nice quality build... Now to get it modded out a little... Hope to find some inspiration and information on here.
  2. AlfredJ

    Mile-High Hello!

    Hey! I'm Alfred J from Denver! I found this forum last week while cruising Instagram. It seems like a really cool community and the build-off competitions look really fun! I am currently working on a 20" chromed-out muscle bike with a motor kit. It's been a father-son project that I have been...
  3. TWGbikes

    I'm Travis

    hello my name is Travis I'm from astoria oregon and this is the start of my build on my blue bike. i would like to lower it a little, get a layback seatpost, make it multi geared with hopefully drum brakes. not sure if i want to do fenders yet or not but we'll cross that bridge when i get...
  4. krazykort

    Long time lurker... Time to post

    Well I've been a long time lurker here in the forums and never really had time to post any of my builds... these are from a while back when I first joined and had all the intentions of being active here... I'm a Motion Graphics Artist/Art Director from Chicago, Spend most my free time on a...
  5. A

    "All in" newbie -Minneapolis

    So, I have to confess- I have not liked riding bikes for a long time. When I was a kid I had an amazing purple bike with a banana seat and streamers on the grips .... Maybe that is what peaked my interest. My beau bought a bike for around 25.00 and I have set about cleaning it. Once I took the...