1. S

    1950s Schwinn Dx

    Pretty cool 1951 Boys 26” Schwinn! Original paint and painted Schwinn rims. Bendix hub out back and Schwinn stamped hub up front. She rides as she sits, kinda turn key! Missing chainguard, head badge, different size tires (2.125/1.75), wrong Schwinn seat and needs grips. Could make a cool...
  2. Dr Bike


    The the wifes awesome original and complete 47 Murray firestone Pilot. Great riding bike and its very smooth. its all there! and in good orig. condition! Horn works. lights do not. ASKING $299!
  3. bikesnbuses

    SOLD Original paint Prewar 38/39 Hawthorne ladies curved seatpost TWIN headlights !

    I bought this bike for my wife but between health and other projects time to simplify a little..I bought a GREAT Monark for her from tech549 that didnt need much going through,so Im offering this rare COMPLETE bike up for sale. I believe its a late 38/39 ,I have better/upgraded...
  4. Flying Zombie

    ~:1936 Schwinn AutoCycle:~ PIC HEAVY

    Well, I've been really in and out of the hobby the past five or six months, its been even longer since I really felt frequent here. Close to a year by now, maybe. My last post was a '47 Monark Rocket 24" [First year for those] to get info with literally not a single reply to the post and...
  5. Flying Zombie

    1947 Monark Rocket Info! [Any And All!] *seeking*

    So a '47 24" Rocket has just fallen into MY lap, and I have a few questions for all of you regarding yours! They made them into the Mid-1950's but the first year was 1947 ;) [and Yes. I am proud. haha] Question one: As I understand it, they were Deluxe [rack, tank, light..etc.] but to what...
  6. kingfish254

    SOLD 1951 Shelby Flyer

    1951 Shelby Flyer = $1000 plus shipping This beauty is mostly original paint. I have been holding it for a buyer, but unfortunately life events prevented him from being able to buy it. I am tempted to keep it, but instead I am going to let it go.