1. bebopblu

    42 Speed Master for sale

    One of my Ratrodbike Build off bikes. A 42 Speed Master with Skip tooth and blacked out parts. All original except that I added a Shimano 7 speed hub (still kept the skip tooth) and nice wheels to handle the hills here on Long Island. Included with the bike are the original wheels and hubs...

    SOLD 1930's camelback frame with original fork

    1930's camelback with the original fork, no badge, it appears to have OG paint, no damage to either. Asking $120 obo shipped to the lower 48 from Clarksville, TN 37042. If you have any questions, need more pictures or have a reasonable offer please message me. Thanks, Sean
  3. Robertk

    SOLD 1939 Autocycle Frame w/ Lincoln Badge

    Stand out from the crowd with this rare 26" 1939 Schwinn Autocyle frame. Brass Lincoln Badge. It's a bit dirty, but pictures below show the detail. Shipping to lower 48. Location: North Carolina Price: $275 + shipping
  4. josh_from_ga

    Unknown skiptooth, truss fork mens.

    Hey everyone, I picked this up a few days ago and have no idea who made it. The wheels are wrong, I do know that. Any help IDing it will be greatly appreciated. The serial number is under the bottom bracket, there's a 9 in the middle and along one edge is 552154,hand stamped
  5. Critter1

    ~ CRITTER ~ 1936 Schwinn Klunker

    Been a while since I've had a build thread so I figured, since I picked up this awesome 36' B-model straight bar, straight down tube Schwinn, I'd go ahead and document it. Been wanting to do a Klunker style build for a while now. So here goes.... This frame was an eBay score and you always take...
  6. Flying Zombie

    ~:1936 Jewel Tank AutoCycle:~

    As Posted, I have a 1936 Jewel Tank AutoCycle for sale. SN# P12872 Checked and Verified Its a later '36 Model, considered to be a "Transitional" with a '37 Style Locking Fork [angled lock, not straight back] with Original YaleSchwinn Key. Good News: ::I'm Second Owner, bought from the...
  7. Flying Zombie

    ~:1936 Schwinn AutoCycle:~ PIC HEAVY

    Well, I've been really in and out of the hobby the past five or six months, its been even longer since I really felt frequent here. Close to a year by now, maybe. My last post was a '47 Monark Rocket 24" [First year for those] to get info with literally not a single reply to the post and...
  8. topnotchlsx

    Possible pre-war Hawthorne find. Can any identify?

    Hey guys and gals! I bought this bike about 4 months back and am finally doing something with it. I found it at an antique shop and stole the thing for a hefty $10! It was a complete bike. Anyway today I stripped it down the best I could in order to get it into a rider with a few parts. I...
  9. bikesnbuses

    SOLD Parts/all 1939 Rollfast Ambassador Carcass Aluminum Fenders Etc

    Unfortunately,this awesome bike had MAJOR parts missing to begin with,so I deemed it a "parts" bike OR someone can buy the whole thing and make a cool rider :cool: Sadly the rear fender was trimmed a few inches,this aluminum is VERY thin,close to old school beer can thin ,but can be repaired to...
  10. 18622hunter


    Hello everyone, I am clearing out the garage and selling off a majority of frames, fenders, cranks, kickstands, handle bars, hubs, seat clamps, seat pans, chainrings, pedals, repop horns, repop lights, etc. Most of the stuff is Schwinn prewar and post war era parts, but some could be used for...
  11. shwsrvcs

    My first Pre-war

    I found an ad on Craigslist that showed only a partial view of what was a very rusty bicycle for a low low price. I was lucky caller number one and the seller held it for me till the next day when I went there to pick it up. He said he had gotten up to 30 calls on it after I talked to him but...