springer fork

  1. Johnny Payphone

    How To: Leaf springer fork aka "Leafer"

  2. S

    My Ruff E-Cruiser build

    Custom E-Cruiser v2.2 RuffCycles Dean2.0 Frame - TSP Cycle Farms Demon Springer fork - Bafang BBSHD mid drive - Shimano 3-speed IGH - Lepper Hammock Saddle - Shimano hydraulic disc brakes
  3. bikesnbuses

    SOLD Original paint Prewar 38/39 Hawthorne ladies curved seatpost TWIN headlights !

    I bought this bike for my wife but between health and other projects time to simplify a little..I bought a GREAT Monark for her from tech549 that didnt need much going through,so Im offering this rare COMPLETE bike up for sale. I believe its a late 38/39 ,I have better/upgraded...
  4. 54shadow

    Schwinn Tanked Springer

    I picked this baby tonight. Me, not being a Schwinn-phile, need some help on identifying this puppy. Thinking that the serial number was on the bottom of the crank, looked, nada, could be hidden under the tank on the frame? I can still see the "Schwinn" decal ghosting under all of that blue...