1. Laxbeaver

    questions about 67 Stingray

    I got this about 15 years ago, before I knew anything about bikes at all (beginner's luck?). My buddy's 13-year-old son literally found it at the curb on trash day! Talk about a survivor. He was bright enough to grab it and it was on their porch when I asked about it. None of us knew the value...
  2. bikesnbuses

    SOLD NEW "new" pictures! lol..1998 Schwinn Apple Krate F/S or trade

    Like new except for super minor rust on rear rim..This bike is UNCLEANED(needs one...o_O..Ill wipe it down a little for new pictures) This bike was stored out of box since new in a garage.Pretty certain it was never ridden..With original hang tag/papers I will be going out in the...
  3. Muttley

    REDUCED ***SOLD*** '64 Schwinn Stingray ***SOLD***

    This is an early (March '64) survivor. It's a rare color and a great rider. Has the early 36 spoke rear wheel and early headset. This is a great riding bike, it was completely disassembled cleaned and re-greased. The only non-original parts are the seat (recovered by Odder) the tires and the...
  4. Nick W

    Stuck Stem, Help!!!

    Hey guys, I recently purchased a November 1968 Schwinn Apple krate all original off the RRB Facebook page, and the old owner "forgot" to mention the stem was stuck. You can tell he knew it was stuck because he cut the stem bolt out, and ground the top of the stem. The bike is original paint so I...
  5. D

    My Adult-sized Stingray

    My daughter grew out of her mountain bike, so I turned it into a Stingray using seat and handlebar parts from a modern (and cheap) Chinese Schwinn stingray. I wanted to get the proportions, look, and feel close to a 1970s Schwinn Stingray fastback but full-sized for me to ride and using modern...
  6. Hitman44

    Two Unusual muscle bikes

    i just picked these two up -- they are available.
  7. Muttley

    Radioactive Heap '65 Stingray

    Much like my Wildcat this started as an ebay purchase this past Summer, I spent some time rounding up just the right parts and when I finished up the Murray I went to work on this one. A couple of ideas I had for this didn't work out but I'm still really happy with the result. I did decide not...
  8. Hitman44

    1967 schwinn stingray rams horn fastback

    I just had to buy this from a guy in Iowa. I know it is missin a few things like the horns but it is pretty decent overall for 1967. It has the original chainguard so that is cool. Now to find some ram horns!!!! And a few other things ...
  9. Hitman44

    1/2 good and 1/2 bad stingray????

    Ok -- I got this for a good price but now I am wondering. It has nearly perfect paint on 1/2 of the bike and the other half ... not so much. It was a 5 speed stik. I have a new fork but I am concerned about a few areas and I wanted to see what you guys think and how you would handle it. I...
  10. Mootree

    New guy from NW Missouri

    Finally joined, thanks for having me. Currently own a 1970 Schwinn Stingray, late 60's Western Flyer Buzz Bike, and my most recent purchase is a mid 60's Mattel Stallion that needs some cleaning up but a neat bike regardless.
  11. R

    Need help with buying a Sting-Ray (Good?)

    Hi guys, I am incredibly new to the Rat Rod Bikes lifestyle. After being fascinated by my dads stories of riding his stingray and the fun he had i decided to look for one locally and after a while one popped up and I wanted to know if this stingray was a good one, doing minor research I wasnt...
  12. Danny the schwinn freak

    Hello everyone

    My name is Danny. I'm in Tucson Arizona. I've been a huge schwinn fan for over 20 years. I recently wanted to purchase a few bikes from a friend who had many and he convinced me to buy his whole collection. I am in the process of selling off all the bikes I don't want and whittling down to what...
  13. LoLo

    New member with new find!

    Hey all, My name is LoLo, I live in Breckenridge, CO. We have crazy long winters so when our short summer rolls around, I take advantage and stay outside as much as possible. Riding bikes is a great way to do that; I'm lucky to have mountain biking trails out my front door and I love taking my...