taboo tiki

  1. R

    Von Franco Taboo Tiki For Sale

    Selling my baby. All original and must be picked up in Santa Monica or shipping paid. Happy to answer any and all questions. I have been a Taboo Tiki collector since its debut and love to chat about this brilliant model! Lots of pics available
  2. G

    NIB Taboo Tiki

    Hey All, I'm new to the forum and recently started getting back into the Dyno nostalgia. I came along a Dyno Taboo Tiki locally (within an hour) and also on ebay that's new in box. The price seems pretty high from what I've been able to dig up online. Any insight on value would be appreciated. I...
  3. Shane Wood

    Von Franco Tiki Taboo

    Clean and original! 100% mint! Value?
  4. Shane Wood

    Von Franco Tiki Taboo

    Anyone out there interested in a 100% clean and original Von Franco Taboo Tiki Cruiser!! It's perfect ! I would rather it go to someone here than Ebay! Looking for best offer! Located in SLC, UT $750
  5. Hooksie313

    Dyno Von Franco Stem specs

    Saw a couple of Dyno bmx bullet stems on the bay. Most are threadless and 1 1/8. Can anyone tell me if this will fit my Dyno Von Franco Cruiser? Or, give me the specs for the stem that fits the Von Franco? TY Dave