1. Paulywood

    Custom Phat Cycles Super Stretch 8 Speed w/ Internal Hub & Passenger Rear Seat

    Custom Phat Cycles Super Stretch 8 Speed w/ Internal Hub & Passenger Rear Seat. A One of a kind Custom Cruiser. Custom Rear Seat, Fender, Foot Pegs, Sissy Bar & More. Can hold up to 260 lbs. Metallic blue w/ metallic white ghost flames. Custom Rear tire is a fat 4 1/4” wide. Custom lay...
  2. Tandem4


    Vintage Huffy Daisy Daisy !!
  3. clerkkent

    2 pairs of matched vintage pedals for 1950s tandem bike.

    I'm working on some vintage 1950s tandem bikes, and require matched pairs of pairs of pedals. looking for vintage patinad pedals in decent shape, not modern repops. 1) looking for any color but black; white or cream will be best (or white that is so yellowed one thinks its cream) 2) one...
  4. clerkkent

    Huffy Tandem chainguards- interchangeable?

    Hi- I have a 1950s Huffy Tandem (the curvy frame style) needing a chainguard. I see many 1970s Huffy tandems (straight tube frames) availlable; are the mounting points the same between the 2 styles?
  5. PublicNuisance

    Interesting..... odd Colson head badge?

    SO this is the Colson badge that was on our '33 rear-steer tandem. I took a look on the internet and couldn't find a badge like it. Has anyone seen one of these Colson head badges before?
  6. D

    Bf Goodrich tandem bike?

    i recently acquired a bf Goodrich tandem bike at least I think so. I want to "restore" it but I can't find any info on it or even a picture! It has a bf Goodrich head badge but has no handle bars or seats .. And will need new tires. I would call it a women's tandem bike. PLEASE HELP ME...
  7. nosferatu1381

    Gulf trike

    Going a different direction with this again. Kate says I start a bicycle and hang it up for a year when I do not like it until I make up my mind what to do with it. I had some help grafting that rear end to the bike and I have just about cleaned up the mess. In short these bad decisions aren't...