1. R

    1953? Monark Western Flyer

    I saw this when I went to buy the stripped down jet flow on Friday. I couldn't stop thinking about it so I went back and got it today. It's crusty but still has a lot of life left in it. I'll be taking my time with this one. Steve
  2. bikesnbuses

    SOLD LOCAL PU priced! AWESOME original paint 1948 ladies JC Higgins Deluxe bicycle with BATWING light !

    **LOCAL PU priced! AWESOME original paint 1948 ladies JC Higgins Deluxe bicycle with BATWING light ** >>> 4 things.... #1.The tires shown ON the bike are NOT INCLUDED at any price..I will have substitutes on this bike #2 $450 is the CASH local pick up in southern RI price .. #3 The Batwing is...
  3. Flying Zombie

    Little hard to tell at first but..

    Its a 1958 Maroon, Gold and Chrome X53 Western Flyer Super. Another bike off the bucket list. This first photo was the Ad photo by the seller. It had sat outside for a few years after a hoarder gained other projects and put this and many others on a back burner. The story is as follows...
  4. Gerardo Tovar

    making a fiberglass tank

    tank for my custom boardtrack bicycle I made the pieces with foam, then I covered it with white glue so that the gelcoat did not deform the foam.
  5. Nick W

    NICE Shelby Flying Cloud

    Just listed up my shelby, id love it to find a home from a fellow RRB member. Good luck and feel free to bid it up. Its a solid bike and i hate to sell, but holidays are coming. The reserve is not to high so hopefully it finds a new home...
  6. A

    1956-1958 Schwinn Jaguar Tank Wanted

    Looking for the left side of this 1956 to 1958 Jaguar tank. Must be "Opalescent Red" with the pre-1959 Schwinn script. Thanks.
  7. Dr Bike


    The the wifes awesome original and complete 47 Murray firestone Pilot. Great riding bike and its very smooth. its all there! and in good orig. condition! Horn works. lights do not. ASKING $299!
  8. 54shadow

    Schwinn Tanked Springer

    I picked this baby tonight. Me, not being a Schwinn-phile, need some help on identifying this puppy. Thinking that the serial number was on the bottom of the crank, looked, nada, could be hidden under the tank on the frame? I can still see the "Schwinn" decal ghosting under all of that blue...
  9. A

    (2) dyno ultra glide anniversarys mint

    I have two dyno ultra glide anniversary Blue calendar bike with clock and speedometer (that works). And a red tank bike which is very rare Both sat inside a house their whole life Bikes have 20 miles on them Original stickers ,tires no dry rot bikes are mint $1200 together . Won't find any...
  10. K

    CWC 36 BTR

    So this was my attempt at number 10 however I was late and just didn't want to feel pressured. I got the frame believed to be a 36 CWC Hawthorne for a fair price already powdercoat in a great shade of burnt autumn red and picked up cheap Springer front and 80cc motor. I fabbed everything else...
  11. kingfish254

    SOLD 1951 Shelby Flyer

    1951 Shelby Flyer = $1000 plus shipping This beauty is mostly original paint. I have been holding it for a buyer, but unfortunately life events prevented him from being able to buy it. I am tempted to keep it, but instead I am going to let it go.