1. JaxRhapsody

    What can any of you tell me about a Huffy Koza?

    I picked up this bike to build for my girlfriend and at first it looked like your average 90s walmart bike; ashtabula crank, heavy steel frame, sidepulls, but on further inspection once in the apartment, it has things I don't often see on those old bikes; a 3/7 drivetrain, trigger shifters, and...
  2. horsefarmer

    Mongoose Deception or Stat 29er

    OK - this is different. A Mongoose Deception or Stat 29er, I think. Police auction special, unknown history, other than stolen and beat. I got to the auction with 45 min to size up about 380 bikes so about 6 seconds per bike. This bike spray painted flat black and covered in tiny Marvel...