1. Sound695

    Worksman industrial bikes - $225 (los angeles)

    Not mine: somebody buy this. it looks like such an amazing deal " Worksman industrial bikes - $225 (los angeles) EA. "
  2. Loki182

    Winter Worksman Klunker Project

    Let me preface this build by saying up front when it comes to klunkers, and Worksman bikes, I have no idea what I'm doing. I have built a bunch of bikes and other weird stuff in the past but I have never built a proper rat rod bike before so this is going to be my first venture into building...
  3. bebopblu

    Motorized Worksman (pickup only) LI,NY

    Motorized Worksman bike (Made in USA) with heavy duty Worksman front wheel and drum brake. Big spring Brooks saddle and a custom leather wrapped gas tank from a RRB member. Bike runs good but keep in mind that these bikes require regular maintenance and tinkering. Email me with any questions...
  4. B

    WORKSMAN 1966 parts

    I just parted a 1966 worksman, keeping the frame, fork and wheel set but selling everything else. Most parts are dirty and have a 1960's patina. I havn't cleaned anything up, I'll leave that up to you. Pics tell the story. Worksman fenders front and rear some dings, oxidisation and patina...
  5. josh_from_ga

    Leg Day

    I finally decided to take the plunge and enter this year's Build Off. Nothing extravagant, but if I pull this off Leg Day should turn a few heads in my one-stoplight county. My plan is to take a Worksman INB frame(thanks again @ind-chuckz )and weld in a new bottom bracket far enough forward that...