♫♪ Rat Klunker, a.k.a. "Slow Blues!" ♪♫

I've come a long way. In the local cycling group, I'm known as the "Slow" guy, I always show up with my steel touring bike and almost always bring up the rear. This bike fits into my "slower is better" lifestyle, and lets me get some dirt trails in without swapping wheels on (or having to wash) my Long Haul Trucker.

To get you in the right mood, think "Slow Blues"....

I build bikes slow, I ride slow, I live life by the drop. My days of racing around everywhere are done, and so here's the newest member of my "Slow Blues" bike fleet. I apologize for the horrible photos, the lacking design, etc. I did what I could given the time I had.

What I started with: a busted-up cruiser bike my mom found in the trash for my birthday.

The finished (good enough for now) klunker trail-monster:

Sram cassette

Clear painted acrylic, stainless steel wire ties

Custom head badge (thanks, AX!) and a Deore LX sealed headset

Raceface chainring, 3-piece bottom bracket conversion

Yup, that's me.
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Peatbog said:
Pretty nice for a klunker--more like an upscale clunker. I was re-looking over the threads for ideas and I saw those stainless steel wire ties you used. I didn't know they made stainless steel wire ties. Now that I do, I'm going to get some and replace the black plastic ones I used on my bike. Thanks for that idea!
You're welcome, and thanks. It is kinda upscale, but the wheels are what I had laying around (I at least removed the nasty Vuelta stickers!) The stainless wire ties are hard to get tight like the plastic ones, but they look soooo much cooler! Planning on riding it this weekend, hopefully I will get some pics. There were so many klunkers this year! All of them were great, too, especially New School... I'm kinda partial to the Sturmey XRD-8, and well, you know... flat black canti frame with knobbies... heh! :mrgreen:

But Rat Rods bikes, much like Rat Rods, come in different flavors. Some insist on all original parts in original condition, some like newer parts that look old, some (like me) like the old-school style mixed with newer drivetrains, and then there's the "caricature rods" that take the style and crank it to "11".