192? Colson rover

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  1. Jkrate1985


    Jul 27, 2013
    49933909-070D-464B-8FFA-F2A5B2ED753B.jpeg AB8A153A-AFBD-4D95-964B-2E6DD9838004.jpeg 0DAA1BB3-0044-417F-B583-88E108D50676.jpeg bought this by word of mouth without looking first for $45 and in worse condition than expected. Not sure the year. From the badge I’d say it’s a colson rover. The frame is bent and crank bent. Rusty. Might make it a flower garden ornament or if there are any parts someone might like let me know. Anyone know approximate year of this?
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  2. Phil Fink

    Phil Fink

    Oct 5, 2015
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    Might be a dated serial # on the bottom bracket, but maybe more likely on left hand side of head tube for an older one (?).

    Looks like a great package deal: the parts may fetch more than $45.

    I may be interested in some of the piece parts. Conversation started.
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