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1935 Wards Hawthorne Silver King (Window Frame)

Discussion in 'FOR SALE' started by The Renaissance Man, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. The Renaissance Man

    The Renaissance Man __CERTIFIED DIVER__ (Open Water & Open Dumpster)

    Nov 24, 2012
    The Tropics of Alabama
    1935 Silver King $1275 delivered to your door (CONUS).

    Mostly complete bike, just missing the battery tube. I have just finished completely tearing this bike down, cleaning, polishing and rebuilding it from top to bottom.

    There are no signs of any cracks in the frame whatsoever.
    The stainless fenders have some dings and scratches. There were a few larger dents that have been rolled out.
    Most of the chrome and nickle plating was gone and/or lifting from surface rust so I decided to media blast most of those parts down to bare metal and then rubbed in boiled linseed oil to protect the raw metal. This gave those parts a gun metal type finish that complements the polished aluminum in my opinion.
    The wheels were completely disassembled and the triple step rims where media blasted and treated with boiled linseed oil. Both hubs were cleaned and greased. The coaster brake is very strong!
    It has new rim strips, tubes and tires.
    The original rubber cover on the Troxel saddle was toast so I recovered it with leather. All of the surface rust was removed from the seat chassis with vinegar and then finished with boiled linseed oil.
    The original pedals are in good shape but the axel on one of them is slightly bent.
    New cording was laced into the rear fender and the bottom rings are fabricated pieces.

    Please feel free to ask questions. Thanks -Jim

    100_7338.JPG 100_7336.JPG 100_7343.JPG 100_7353.JPG 100_7320.JPG 100_7310.JPG 100_7311.JPG 100_7314.JPG 100_7315.JPG 100_7348.JPG 100_7349.JPG 100_7362.JPG
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