1936 monark silverking

Dec 31, 2011
Staples minnesota
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Putting this together as a slump buster. Paid 200$ as you see it in the first picture from a scrapper The original fork broke, but i think i can fix it. I bought a pre war hiawatha for parts and got it together and riding pretty bare bones with a 60s chrome fork out of the parts pile and some prewar truss'


Then i grabbed a newer huffy i got for free and sniped the decent looking chrome wheels new shimano single speed coaster and white walls. Plus the fenders. But i wanted a little more coolness so i threw my higgins bee hive, long spring saddle i built for buildoff 9 and a chrome rack at it and they ended up sticking


I'm going to put some older fenders on it and maybe try to find a decent paint to look like aluminum to shoot on the main blades. Curious on polishing what used to be chrome too. I'll update more as I keep tinkering