1940 Sayre Duplex Schwinn

May 18, 2020
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Picked this up a couple of weeks ago, just haven't posted it. Its a tall frame, which got my attention as I have a 34" inseam. It was built by Schwinn for Sayre of Terra Haute Indiana. The rh chainstay has a crank bite which I'll fill weld & shape. Lh seat stay has a bend that should be easy to press out. Rear rim is bent beyond hope. Rattle can paint over black original. It is a locking fork, no key, so I'll get that functioning. My plans are to have body and paint work completed before autumn so the build will be a winter project. It will get converted to 1/2" pitch chain and I have 5 heart 46t ring gear ordered. I don't have any fendered bikes so this is the one. The build result will be decidedly vintage though I haven't put much thought into it yet. I see an afternoon with a lawn chair and six pack in my future, staring at it to see where it wants to take me. A wool suit, briar pipe, rolled up newspaper kind of adult bike build are my early thoughts.

Sellers photo as I have been too busy & squirrelly to snap my own.


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