1940s Troxel Saddle With Saddle Bag--The Next Best Thing To A Toolbox Saddle!

This is a 1940s Troxel saddle that was restored by Bob Ujszaszi. It's not the toolbox model, but it's the next best thing. I think it's correct for postwar Cleveland-Welding bicycles like Roadmaster, Hawthorne, Hiawatha, Western Flyer, and probably Rollfast. The paint and vinyl upholstery are nice.

There are some issues with the plating that I should disclose--the chrome flaked off on the bottom of one of the springs by the nut. The surface of the nose spring was originally pitted from rust and was ground smooth before plating. The bolts going through the springs were pitted from rust and are still bumpy but it's not too noticeable from a distance. The underside of the wear tabs have some rust that came through the plating. But other than those issues, it's a very nice seat. And it's comfortable and won't tear if you sit on it (because it's not dried-out).

A new old 1940s? stock Enwell vinyl saddle bag in close-matching grain accompanies it. This combination works best on a 7-shaped prewar seatpost. I had it on my 1940s Hawthorne, but the saddle bag obscured the side lights on the carrier too much.

$200 plus shipping from Surprise, Arizona.

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