1945 Elgin

Oct 20, 2012
Chicopee , Ma

Thanks to everyone for the encouraging comments . Really means alot to me to get your reactions :dance2:

Well, today I have to go in to work at 3pm so I went out to the garage to tinker a bit beforehand.....

I decided to play around with the wheel and tire portion of the program.....

These are the wheels that came on the Elgin when I got it, I really love the hoops..... But the Morrow hub is kinda plain looking. The JC Higgins that I took the Beehive from ( my parts girls bike ) has an awesome hub but boring hoops. The Higgy also has re-useable spokes, the Elgin was rotted beyond recognition. PERFECT! :crazy:

I used my universal spoke wrench and made quick work of the Elgin hoop harvest ;)

I removed and saved the nipples just in case....

I like the extra dimple, it's all in the details :crazy2:

Some assembly required....

The Higgy hoop was too galvanized and bland, the Elgin looks cool and band-aid beige inside ( might clean em up a bit, or not . We'll see )

It'll be a lot cooler looking I think........
Obviously I've gotta clean and rebuild the hubs, possibly the hoops :acute:

Enough playing before work.....

Stay Tuned:cool:
Oct 20, 2012
Chicopee , Ma

Today I had to work , which is OK cuz it rained all day anyways..... After I got home , the sun came out . Turned out to be a perfect night to unwind ....in the garage :)

I spent a few hours on the hubs.....soaking , scrubbing , scraping with small screwdrivers and fingernails ( a million years of caked on dirt , sand , and dried up waxy grease )

They cleaned up just the way I wanted them to.... very pitted n deep yuck , just not greasy n grimy ( read AWESOME ) :thumbsup:

Ripped all apart , fully cleaned , greased and put back together..... Amazingly enough , no extra parts leftover :crazy:

I'm off tomorrow , I hope to lace the used spokes and decide if I'm gonna clean up the hoops or not :39:

Stay Tuned!
Oct 27, 2011
Parsons Ks.
Man, I stay away from your thread on purpose, to give you a chance to Think, Eyeball, and Work.

Your progress, both in your taste and workmenship is killer!

Do I need to say I'm lovin it?

Yep! Your dam right I do! I'm lovin it!!!!:cool2:
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Oct 20, 2012
Chicopee , Ma

Cleaned up the hoops a bit :crazy:

Cleaned ...... no patina was harmed in the making of these rims

Started with the front rim . Trued it with my high tech stand.....

It's good to have lots and lots of patience and a Macguyver gene :crazy2:

Only had time to lace up the rear before work today ..... 10AM-9PM
Still have to true it yet....

It's a lot of work to look like you didn't do anything at all :)

Off to work now.....

Stay Tuned
Oct 20, 2012
Chicopee , Ma

Today was a gloomy overcast day....Perfect weather to wrap up the rim project :)

I had to true up the rear rim and trim off the excess spoke / popping hazards.

My rear rim truing stand :whistle: ( cuz the axle is bigger and didn't fit into the Schwinn fork I used for truing the front rim )

Mounted the Lightning Darts and put em on the Elgin for the first time :thumbsup: .... I'm SUPER happy that I took the time to swap the hubs and hoops.

( all of the prior mock up pics were with my white and blue pinstriped Schwinn S-2 's with New Departure hubs. Beautiful rims, just not for this build ;) )

I also trimmed up and contoured the front fender a bit... to better mirror the rear one.. I like it much better now...

Not sure if I'm gonna use a chain guard or not, I threw this one on for mock up. I took it off of yet another girls bike I parted up ( some parts also went onto Gumby Rumpus )
I kinda like the looks of it. Gotta sleep on it some more :39:
The mail gets here so late in the day ( almost 5Pm some days ) , I am hoping my seat post from Slowriderz gets here. Once the seat is mounted I can figure out the rest :cool:

I mounted this cool horn too

Enough tinkering for today....

Stay Tuned