SOLD 1946/47 Rocket

Mar 21, 2014
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Out of all my classic bikes, I have the most miles on this one. Probably close to 300 city street and boardwalk miles I would say over these passed years.

I went over it when I orig got it, cleaned it, and added a replacement fender light. You would never guess that it isnt the original as the paint matches exactly. The one that came was toast and missing the top half. I didnt like the seat that came with it either. This one was much comfier. Everything else is orig. Wards Riverside matching tires.

Would like $450 shipped. It must weigh 60lbs easy and super comfy to ride. This is a steel beauty. I was told on another site this is a 1946 or 1947 postwar and pre 1948 because of the badge changes.

Paypal as friend please - will double box it and wrap in bubble wrap. If you want to paypal as merchant please factor in the fee.

Click thumbnail to open larger photo - if you want more photos or questions let me know or comment below.

IMG_20190526_165319875.jpg IMG_20190526_165328304.jpg IMG_20190526_165334469.jpg IMG_20190526_165339858.jpg IMG_20190526_165347281_HDR.jpg IMG_20190526_165355902.jpg IMG_20190526_165421870.jpg
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