1948 JC Higgins Flow

Jul 10, 2017
Greentown, PA
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The bike that has lived multiple lives! 1948 JC Higgins something-or-another flow. Passed on to me by a mentor of mine before he passed. This bike has quite the story, it's been stolen (and returned/sold back by an un-assuming owner 10+ years later to the only bike shop in town that my mentors family owned), passed hands at least 8 times, used as a Chinese delivery machine in Philly before sitting in the basement bike shop where I worked for years. When I got it it was completely stripped with mountain bike tires and a cheap torn Walmart seat. Quite a bit of elbow grease and parts later this is how it sits. I just need to figure out how to mount my front light. My mentor Tom told me of these "West Side Flyer" rides he'd do as a kid and the decals are a bit of a memorial to him.



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May 14, 2013
Boise, ID
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I like it !