1955 Schwinn Typhoon Value?


Dec 4, 2006
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You are correct about 1976. Price depends on location and supply. In Idaho that would we worth $120-200. In Iowa, less than $100.
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May 29, 2014
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Owner says it’s a 1955 and rides smooth. 26” bicycle

Serial # Fm61241

Any ideas what it’s worth? Thanks everyone

EDIT: appears it’s a 1976 model is this correct??
Not a whole lot my friend. It is a single speed cruiser and someone slapped some cheap paint on it. Has a lot of rust on rims and some rust on fenders. I would personally not pay more than $ 60 for it.

Now if it was a 1955 model and had a 2 Speed kick back hub then 100 to 150. This takes into consideration the crappy paint job on it now.


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Jun 18, 2017
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In my area it's $100 and lower bike. CA is a different market. Look for something without those S7 rims if your going to ride it and want tire choices. I have some S7 rims and it's very limited variety of rubber. They are fine for keeping something correctly configured, but for a rat, or daily rider I prefer something else. Just my $0.02
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