1969 K-Rat

Apr 28, 2019
Warsaw PL

A 1969 ZZR Karat designed for export with the brand Universal. Got it from a friend in 2008, and made it running again. This was one of the first folding bikes ever product in Poland.

Features & parts included in the build:

- Most parts from the original bike - Frame, rack, fenders, rear wheel, front rim & nipples, and crankset with BB axle.
- Front wheel fitted with Sapim spokes & Shimano FH-R700 Roller Brake hub, operated by a Tektro V-brake lever.
- Rear wheel rebuild, with original Łucznik brand coaster brake hub
- 26" wheel fork from a Greaser E-bike (thanks to @m66 !), mounted with specially made adapters
- Custom made super high ape hangers mounted in Aussie-Style.
- Original ZZR pedals with blocks replaced with 16 D6 dices.
- Selle Royale Drifter seat, re-trimmed with black leather.
- Wodden box for transporting goods on the rack, with custom logo made from the original Karat name stencil.

How it looked back in 2008 when I first got it running:

Some pictures from the build:

K-Rat was made in my free time at my workshop Alle Jazda - Bicycle, Ski & Snowboard. Shop & Service - https://www.facebook.com/AlleJazdaWawPL/

P.S. One of our customer rides a 100% same Karat bicycle just in mostly original state. She got it a sa 1st comunnion present back in 1968. So I guess that I rolled a good number (On K-Rat's pedals :21:) to have two 40+ year old, almost identical bicycles meat in one workshop, after all those years, and so far from there original factory (located in Bydgoszcz, almost 200 miles to the North-West of Warsaw).

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