1980 Schwinn Cruiser transformation

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  1. AZ_Cruiser


    Feb 28, 2019
    Hey all,

    Been here for a bit browsing and gathering information before starting this thread with actual progress. Hope to be getting more done on this in the coming weeks now that I have a bit more time with work schedule changes.

    So started out with a bone stock 1980 Schwinn Cruiser (CC7-6);


    And as of today, at this point;

    Just because this might help others looking for parts. Current list;

    Porkchop BMX 1" threaded headset
    Stolen Brand Trap 4-Piece Handlebars
    F&R 21.1 Stem (really just to get me by until I can find something better)
    Vans ODI lock-on grips
    Sidewinder front forks (at least I was told that is what they are)

    Future plans;

    Black Ops BB Conversion Kit
    3-piece cranks (suggestions welcome)
    Rims (suggestions welcome)
    Maxxis DTH 26" skinwwalls
    Sprocket (ratio suggestions welcome)
    Seat/post combination

    Hope you all enjoy it. Need to drop it off tomorrow at the bike shop for them to give it a once over and get some help adjusting bars. Will take it for a shakedown run afterwards.
  2. Robertk


    Feb 13, 2009
    Those look like Sidewinder forks. They should have a date stamped on one of the dropouts. The date will usually include the month of March.
  3. AZ_Cruiser


    Feb 28, 2019
    I am sure they are because the person I got them from was cool as heck in dealing with and much more knowledgeable than myself. I just didn't know where to check for markings. They work for me tho, so that is all I am caring about. LOL!
  4. Chuy


    Dec 13, 2016
    SFV - Los Angeles
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  5. Klunkruiser


    Jun 13, 2019
    Looks great!

    I like the looks of those Redline Flight cranks also. And the bottom bracket option that goes with them is fairly reasonable.
    But because I'm cheap, I'd probably buy a square taper sealed bottom bracket and use some forged aluminum Shimano 3-piece crank and chainring that I already have.

    Seat and seatpost are personal choices, much like handlebars, grips, and pedals.

    I chose a Brooks B67 for my cruiser because I read so many great reviews about the Brooks. And from amazon, it was cheaper than I thought it would be.
    It's new leather is hard as a rock, but it is very comfortable still. And smaller than most padded cruiser seats.
    I don't mind a smaller mountain bike style seat. But the style and size of the B67 fits this bike pretty well. And the chrome springs add a little bling to the back of the bike. 20190908_153944.jpg

    My seatpost is a 1" unsupported BMX layback, with a Redline clamp. And I have slightly bent it while riding. I will be upgrading to a supported post, probably with some type of tight fitting tube insert for extra support. But the supported post would force you to have the seat higher than yours is currently.
    The aftermarket seatpost clamp is a nice accessory.

    I'm running a Nexus-4 Schwinn aluminum wheelset at the moment. Sized and styled similarly to the rims on your bike, but with a low flange aluminum front hub.
    But a single speed would be fine most of the time.
    I like the grip and added cushion that the volume of slightly larger than stock tires provide. I'm running CST Rock Hawk 26x2.4, and they barely fit in the back.
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