1982 Mongoose Resto

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Just wanted to share my 82 Mongoose project. My aunt found this at an old house she bought to flip.

Here is what I started with. I pretty much kept all the original parts that were on the bike when I got it. The cranks were bent so I had to find replacements. The stem also appears to be a Rampar that is anodized gold but was pretty worn.

After striping all the parts off of it getting it ready for blasting.

After blasting.

Next came metallic teal powder coating.

Quick mock up.

Starting to ad parts, BMX Products '82 resto decals and refinished the stem by stripping anodization, then polishing aluminum and after that powder coating a gold clear finish.

Some shots of it with Tuff IIs and Motocross tires.

Tange and Siguno crank components cleaned up and or powdered.

Hanging with the KMX(Sold and on its way to the UK).

That is where is sits as of now. I need to get some rat trap pedals and I have a chrome chain to install and black DiaCompe rear brake components.
Feb 27, 2015
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Love it. I have a huge soft spot for early Mongooses... THE bike back in the day!
Jun 3, 2012
arkansas city,kansas
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i agree i ahd amongoose california i think it was called was a looptail frame and man what a sweet bike but i am partial to the blue one next to it as i used to race these types back in the day wha kind of fork does that blue one have? i like those they look good on the bike
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The original fork was bent and seen here in the photo. So after looking at old photos of this era race bike I tried to find one similar in size and length. Actually it was a pretty long fork, long enought to fit a 26" wheel. So I got a fork from a 70's AMF 26" beach cruiser

26" fork from AMF beach cruiser


This is a photo of another KMX with its original fork and you can see the clearance with the 20" wheel.

KMX 66.jpg
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