1999 GT XCR 4000


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Jul 2, 2015
Mid-Willamette Valley, Oregon
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Does '99 count as vintage?

I bought this for the Girvin...and then a mountain bike trip through the local Ranger station came up. So, I decided to spruce it up to loan my younger daughter for the trip. I'm still mid sprucing :grin:, trip is Friday :eek:. So far, I replaced all the questionable and rusty hardware on the rear shock, girvin, and stem. Replaced tires/tubes. Replaced pads on magura hydraulic rim brakes (and learned most everything about mounting and adjusting these things...because they were all screwed up). Wheelset is questionable, especially the rear...should last the 19miles though...I hope. Has twist shifters...terrible shifters for a mountain bike, was going to keep them for the trip but the front disintegrated in my hand. So, I have two of the cheapest shifters I could find on amazon to put on. So, shifters...higher rise bars if I can find them...remove electrical tape and clean up the cables a bit and she's ready. I still have two other bikes to get ready as well :wondering:.

The bike really does soak up the bumps...I played around on some curb islands in the parking lot, and it devoured them no problem :).


I'll try and post more finished pics tomorrow (or after the ride).

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