2003 Huffy Maxx Bandit Find

Jun 3, 2018
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original mint 2003 Huffy Maxx Bandit (MINT)
Although not a high end bike this is a 2003 Huffy Maxx Bandit in original condition and mint!
The Huffy Maxx bandit was produced for, and only sold through one department store (Toys are Us) as "SMU" (Special Make Up), for the store it was purchased from back in 2003 and produced for sale just before X-Mass, and also left over stock sale off summer sales. Discontinued there after. This one is a Dec. 2003 for sale; for the 2004 summer.
After being into BMX for 40 years owning just about every manufacture high end bikes, I now find fun in searching for department store bikes in original condition and mint.
Why? I'm glad you asked.
Department store bikes were usually bought for and owned by children who abused them, spray painted them and changed parts on them, so the fun for me is finding that diamond in the ruff.


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