2005 Fruita Fat Tire Festival Klunker Crit

Feb 9, 2019
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May 7, 2005 at the 10th year anniversary FFTF:


The Klunker Crit was conceived the first year of the FFTF and morphed quickly as the premier spectator event of the festival. The original idea was to race circumnavigating the festival grounds on beat-down old cruisers that Over The Edge staff had cobbled together enough to roll, albeit dangerously most of the time. The first year was pretty tame, compared to the following nine years. Things that happened beyond klunky bikes, breakneck speeds, and frequent bloodletting were as unexpected as The Spanish Inquisition. The race attracted speedy lunatics from around the bicycle world, most notably the Off-Camber Galactic Pilots and Minneapolis Mafia. Salad Days that could never be repeated, yet will always be cherished.

FTR, due to liability concerns, the FFTF Klunker Crit is now a freakbike/decorated bike parade. Fun on bikes comes in many different flavors.