SOLD '36-'37 Colson LWB Double Bar Roadster Frame and Fork

Sep 1, 2006
Simsbury, CT
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Good evening,

I have for sale a 36-37 Colson LWB (Long Wheel Base) frame and fork. The only item that is not original is the seat post clamp. The original was brazed onto the frame and was quite flimsy as it would not protect itself from over tightening and somewhere in this bikes life someone overnightened it and the bolt ripped through the clamp rendering it useless. I simply ground off the remaining clamp and substituted a Schwinn clamp. The original seat post was MIA so I used a standard prewar L post with a shim. I holds way better than the original and it is included. There are brand new chain adjusters on the frame and as you can see the kickstand area and not all compressed from over tightening. This is a great Prewar frame for larger riders as it offers about 3 1/2" additional inches of leg room between the rear wheel. the seat tube is canted further back. There are catalog pictures of this bike floating around the CABE so just do a search. This is a very straight frame without dings or dents etc. One other side note, BB races and headset are included except I do not have any bearings for fork (easy find just don't have any).

$ SOLD shipped

Thanks, Joe

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