'39 Red - Balloons FIN!

Oct 10, 2014
Hello everyone, I'm glad to say that my first ever Rat Rod Bike is complete! I envisioned this bike the moment I saw the bare frame. Just saw it in my head almost exactly as it rolls now. I am told this is a '39 Western Flyer branded CWC frame. All other parts are listed below with as much info as I have, and believe to be true.

'39 CWC frame
'40s Higgins springer
'40s CWC 26t 1 piece crank
'55 Hudson handlebars
'60s Shimano grips
'60s Unbranded headlight (restorably-retrofitted with a 65 lumen, 690 candela, LED that runs 6.5 hours on 2 rechargeable AAAs)
Pre-war long-spring seat
Continental Retro Ride 26'x2'
Wizard Wheels 144 spoke rims w/ 9t sprocket

Thanks for checking out my project, it means a lot. Here in Philadelphia so far I have put over 150 miles on it in the past month while finishing the build (3 weeks with no grips, etc.), and it has been great fun to get stopped and asked all sorts of questions about the build and also people randomly taking pictures of the bike. If any other folks on here are in Philadelphia, lets ride!

Thanks for your consideration in this contest.
Apr 14, 2015
Nice bike and still got its ratty roots you don't often see 144s on these old bikes but it looks pretty darn cool . Great job

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Oct 10, 2014
Wow folks, I am humbled by the responses. It hits a certain chord to get this feedback on my first project. This bike is a reflection of the influience you all have had on me while I lurked without a username for a couple of years, in the corners of the forums. Picking up notes on parts and style cues etc. This has been great fun! I am so excited for next year. Thanks again.
Oct 10, 2014
I just love how well you made a set of skiptooth 144 spoke wheels look like they should have been on the bike back in 1939!
This is a great rat! No doubt about it!
Thanks! It reminds me of maybe a '39 Cadillac CTS-V, you know, a luxury racer! I am grateful that I could lop those 9 teeth off and keep the crank and chain with one smallish mod to the sprocket.

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