'68 Schwinn Hollywood muscle bike

Jan 10, 2017
Sioux Falls, SD
I got this 24" Hollywood frame, not by choice, when I bought another frame off Craigslist. It sat around for years while I thought there must be a way to make something cool out of a step-through frame. I finally had a spark, just in time for the Winter Build Off.

Here's the build thread:

I cut out the top tube and added two inches to the down tube, just in front of the bottom bracket. The added length compensated for the 26" fork and gave a slight chopper look. The stock kickstand is intact. I made a new curved top-tube from another Schwinn frame.
Stock 24" S7 front wheel, 1 3/4" tire
"Standard" 24" rear wheel, 2.2" tire
Forged gooseneck
16" repop Stingray handlebars
Repop Stingray sissy bar
Original Schwinn seat
Custom, moulded in seat post clamp
Custom, moulded in brake lever clamp

8.jpg 9.jpg 10.jpg
1.jpg 2.jpg
6.jpg 7.jpg
3.jpg 4.jpg
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